National Careers Service

With a new contract year now upon us, so too must we strive to hit new targets and deliver on new contract requirements. Hot-Pink-600

Our priority now is to attract as many new customers as possible through contacts with employers, colleges and other community groups.

We are also in the throes of preparing for an Ofsted inspection, ensuring that all policies and procedures are in place to enable us to demonstrate the quality of service we provide to our customers. 

As well as this we are conducting a review of all of our resources to make sure everyone across the region has access to up-to-date course material and that everything is branded in the correct way ahead of an audit by Manchester Growth.

Since moving into her new role as Contract Lead earlier this year, Laura Wellington has been out and about meeting with delivery staff across Cumbria and North Lancashire – something that she’s enjoyed immensely. Asking her what her highlight has been from the last couple of months she said it was “hearing some really nice feedback from customers who felt that the support and advice they received from our advisors was extremely valuable in helping them move on.”

Looking ahead, we have just recieved the new Operational Handbook from Manchester Growth which we hope will be a useful tool for all National Careers Service staff. The handbook is now available on the NCaS Learning Platform, which all  staff should have a login for. If you have any problems accessing the Operational Handbook or require a new login, please contact Laura Wellington.

Over the next month we will be launching our second pilot under the digital marketing strategy to all our National Careers Service customers. The strategy will include email newsletters, blogs, webinars and social media with the aim of encouraging existing customers to keep in contact with us so we can help you track their destinations.

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