Inspira guides teenager into ‘brilliant’ role

A teenager is getting stuck into the world of work through a traineeship.

Ashton Furness is delighted with her business administration traineeship with Athena PTS in Barrow. The 19-year-old, of Walney, found her placement after contacting Inspira in January when she was looking for support with finding employment. At the time Miss Furness was 18 and she had given up an apprenticeship at Sellafield because she needed to be closer to home and her family.

Inspira adviser Laura Currie said: “We discussed what Ashton was looking for in a role and we talked about where she could apply to in the local area. “I encouraged Ashton to send her CV off to local employers in the area. She had already made some enquiries about apprenticeships so I recommended that Ashton followed these up with the employer to show she was keen.

“We discussed how important it was that her CV was up-to-date and suitable for the job that she was applying for as this would be the first thing that the employer would see about her.”

“Inspira continued to keep in touch with Ashton to see how she was getting on and to find out if we could provide her with any further support. Ashton was also sent details to notify her of opportunities that she could take advantage of to help her with finding a suitable placement.”

Ashton was then put in contact with Age UK Training and she got a place doing business administration with electrical consultancy firm, Athena PTS, based in the Phoenix Business Centre.

Traineeships are seen as a good stepping stone to an apprenticeship.

Miss Furness hopes to progress onto a full time apprenticeship. She said: “Inspira was a very good service for me, it gave good support and helped me find Age UK and my traineeship.”

“It’s brilliant at Athena, I’m really enjoying it.”

Article Source : North West Evening Mail

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