Teenagers meet and learn about community organisations on National Citizen Service

NCS Community Garden ProjectAfter climbing up a mountain, cooking ration packs for their team and learning how it feels to make a meal from scratch in university halls, young people in Cumbria are now putting their skills of teamwork, confidence and ability to help others into action by putting them to the ultimate test – helping their own community.

Week three of NCS is a chance to think and plan how to put all of the valuable experiences and life lessons from weeks one and two in to action.

Every morning, in various community spaces around the County the young people meet with their team to learn how to become an active and valued member of the community.

Local charity and voluntary organisations such as the fire service, Bay Search and Rescue, First Responders and others offer their time and expertise to explain and answer questions about what it is like to be a volunteer and raise money.

Over the week the teams build up a picture of their local services and gain an understanding of which ones could benefit the most from their help during their 30-hour community project.

By planning, researching and getting a feel for what it’s like to take a leading role in making something happen; young people have the chance to really make a difference.

At the age of 16 and 17 these community projects are just the start of what is hoped is a lifetime of offering to volunteer, helping others and putting the heart back into the community.

Over the next month or so we hope to be able to showcase some of the amazing projects young people are working on. We feel very proud of them;  and hope the people of Cumbria do to.

Designed to help young people transition from school and develop skills of life and work, NCS is a three-week part-residential programme, culminating in another 30-plus hours of volunteering on a community project. Inspira delivers the NCS programme in Cumbria and Lancashire, taking more than 2,000 young people on a journey of a lifetime.