Chris Latta

ICT & CCIS Manager

Chris has always been passionate about Information and Communications Technology (ICT). He started his professional career in computing around 1987 in Cumbria and has always worked within the ICT field. He has seen the technology develop from the likes of the Sinclair ZX80 (his first computer!); to the advanced and streamlined network systems in place today.

During his career Chris has continued to grow professionally by taking a variety of training opportunities, including becoming Microsoft Certified and in 2008 gained a Postgraduate Advanced Certificate in Management from the University of Central Lancashire. He has been involved and led on many initiatives leading to the introduction of innovative and cost-effective business solutions to all sectors across Cumbria and the North West. He is a professional member of the British Computer Society and has chaired a variety of national groups involved with the development of customer relationship management and data exchange systems.

Chris has been with Inspira, and its forerunner Connexions Cumbria Ltd since 1998 and is responsible for all the ICT and database systems, including the support and development of these systems. This requires Chris to be business-focused and to develop numerous relationships with other local and national organisations ensuring the strategic development of the Company’s ICT infrastructure in addition to reflecting all policy and legislative changes to services for young people and vulnerable adults.