National Citizen Service (NCS)

National Citizen Service is a government backed programme managed and delivered by Inspira in Cumbria, Lancashire, Blackpool, Blackburn with Darwen and Fylde Coast.

Aimed at 15 and 17 year olds, NCS is an exciting journey which takes place in the Autumn, Spring and Summer holidays. The cost is £50 or less. Once young people have said Yes to NCS, they will be involved in a series of introductory days to meet their team mates. Then it is an action packed residential away from home, with team building, problem solving, challenging outdoor activities and lots of fun.

Next they get involved in their community, where they will learn new skills and work with local businesses and organisations. They will identify the challenges it faces and start to form ideas for their social action project.

Then they make their mark. They’ll design and deliver a social action project to help a charity or local cause of their choice. Working in consultation with local people they will put their plans into action over 30 hours. They’ll make a real difference to people’s lives, their community and their future.

Finally it’s time to dress up and celebrate at a graduation party along with their team mates, parents, teachers, carers, dignitaries and the press.

“It’s been a pleasure watching my lad over this summer, learn things about himself, learn lots about others, and move on to college a more confident young man. He’s signed up to be a Young Inspira, I hope he will gain more from that. So thank you Inspira.” Shona Carrick, Parent.

With opportunities beyond the core programme, graduates can look forward to becoming part of a wide network giving them access to unique opportunities such as becoming an  ambassador, NCS youth board member, mentor or other volunteering activities.

If you are a parent or young person interested in NCS go to NCSNORTHWEST.CO.UK


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