Preparation for Life

Solutions and Support for Learning Providers

Inspira works in partnership with schools and other learning providers, delivering independent and specialist support.

We have a full range of services and programmes for all ages and abilities of students from years 8 to 13. We understand that different learning providers have different requirements so you can pick and choose a package of support that best meets your needs.  Let us know how we can help you.

Our career advice team can help you fulfil your career advice responsibilities, raise achievement and improve progression rates. Each member of our career advice team is:

  • professionally qualified to Level 6;
  • a member of the national register of careers practitioners; and
  • experienced, locally-based, knowledgable and bound by a professional code of practice.


Career and personal development for young people

Career and personal development is Inspira’s business.  We understand that a career is more than simply a job, that true employability is a rich mix of personal attitudes and behaviour, vocational skills and understanding, self-management and motivation.

Young people have important choices to make at key transition points, so whether it’s opening eyes and expanding horizons, or grounding career ideas with firm, realistic foundations, Inspira works with young people to inform, challenge and raise awareness of what’s possible.  Before young people can be expected to make decisions about their next steps in life, they need to understand themselves, what’s important to them and how they want to develop.

Personal development programmes:  We design and deliver tailored programmes for groups of young people, addressing single or multiple topics according to need.  Exploring values, behaviour, attitudes and skills, with an emphasis upon measurable impact, all of our programmes include individual goal setting and progression targets.

Psychometric tools:  Working with the Association of Qualitative Research, Inspira has helped develop a new and unique measure for young people’s emerging skills, strengths and interests.  Combined with individual results analysis, the test can help identify aptitude and work and learning styles.

Motivational experiences:  We offer young people experiences that stretch and challenge them. We stage residential programmes, employer and university visits, talks from inspirational role models and other high-impact experiences to foster self-belief, raise aspirations and challenge negative stereotypes.

Guided reflection:  Reflecting on their aims, attitudes and achievements is essential for young people’s understanding of their own potential.  As an integral part of our group programmes or through individual career coaching, we use guided reflection to help build young people’s awareness of how they might apply their skills.

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