INSPIRA leads the way…

As youth unemployment rises, Connexions Cumbria, a leading youth work organisation, pledges to inspire young people to reach their potential, starting with a change to their company name.

Connexions Cumbria is changing to ‘Inspira – Inspiration for Life’

Friday 27th January 2012 at 9.30 am at Rheged, Penrith

Inspira, will help young people and adults across Cumbria through a dynamic and powerful team of experts who will:

  • Inspire and support people as they take key decisions to shape their own futures.
  • Help individuals with some of the most critical life choices they will ever have to make.
  • Help individuals and groups recognise their potential and define what success means for them.
  • Help individuals to gain the confidence to achieve their goals, particularly through careers guidance and youth support.
  • Raise participation, ensuring young people continue to learn throughout their lifetime.
  • Provide intensive support and help, to the most vulnerable young people.
  • Provide help to adults who are unsure of their Next Step.


Mark Bowman, Chief Executive of Inspira (formerly Connexions Cumbria) says “The new name ‘Inspira – Inspiration for Life’ reflects what we are about, inspiring young people, adults and communities to turn their dreams into reality. We will deliver more and provide better and bigger services to young people in Cumbria – it is an exciting time for us.”

The event, which will be attended by educationalists and other professionals from across the county, will launch Inspira, a company built on the long-established and nationally recognised name of Connexions Cumbria. Inspira is the new brand name, but the Company will continue to deliver a range of existing services while developing new ones.

The keynote speaker, Russell Hobby, is the current General Secretary of Europe’s largest union of school leaders, the National Association of Head Teachers and understands the importance of providing first class Information, Advice and Guidance to young people, especially in the current economic climate at a time when youth unemployment is rising and much uncertainty exists.

Supported by Paul Oginsky, a leader in the personal development field in the UK and a Government adviser on youth and personal development issues, this promises to be an Inspirational event.

Mark goes on to say “This is an exciting time for us as we launch the new company name; ensuring we continue to be able to compete locally, regionally and nationally.  We are in transition from our foundational roots as a grant aided, and regionally based provider of careers guidance to a social enterprise company in Cumbria but delivering on a national stage.”

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