#iwill becomes the new buzz word as ‘Step up to Serve’ campaign launched

A £6 million fund to increase the quality, quantity and frequency of social action opportunities for young people aged 10-20, was launched yesterday at Buckingham Palace by HRH the Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ed Miliband.

The leader of Cumbria’s personal development and career guidance organisation, Mark Bowman said, “It is encouraging to see the leaders of Britain’s political parties coming together to support the personal development of young people. Initiatives like ‘Step up to serve’ and National Citizen Service provide young people with the foundation to build successful and fulfilling lives.”

National Citizen Service is the government’s flag ship right of passage for 16 and 17 year olds. Nearly 1500 young Cumbrians have so far taken up the NCS challenge.

Over the next 7 years, Step Up to Serve hopes to encourage and increase participation from 10 to 20 year olds in social action activities. The plan is to pay recognition to the impact young people make on their local neighborhoods and to advocate the benefit this has to the prosperity, well-being and contentment of the country.

According to a report conducted by Dame Julia Cleverdon approximately only 29% of young people participate in any type of youth social action. The goal is to increase the participation rate to “over 50% by 2020 – an additional 1.7 million young people.

“I predict #iwill will be trending on Twitter very soon,” says Mark.

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