Young people to explore future career paths

Over 40 universities and colleges from around the UK will be exhibiting at the annual South Lakes Higher Education Fair.

Students from South Lakes and Furness will be attending the event at Kendal College between 10am-12 noon on Thursday June 26.

They will have the chance to find out what each institution has to offer, which courses have high success rates in getting students into jobs, how much it will cost to study and what facilities are available.

The event is organised by Inspira, a leading career management and personal development organisation with a reception area in Kendal college.

Claire Willett, manager for Inspira in the South Lakes, said: “I am delighted we are able to offer this opportunity for students to research their options and find out more about the courses and careers available.

“This is essential to make a well informed decision about whether higher education is the right choice. The cost of study may be a significant factor for some students, so thinking about whether to attend local higher education provision rather than a university in a big city, where the cost of living will be higher, needs to be taken into account.

“Students also need to consider if there are all the facilities available that they require and if a big or small campus would suit them best, said Inspira.

For some courses, such as veterinary science, there are only 12 institutions in England offering this qualification, so choices are immediately limited.”

“Higher Education is one avenue which young people can follow to gain qualifications. Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular as they offer young people the opportunity to gain a qualification whilst working and earning.”

Lattitude Global Volunteering will also be present, highlighting some of their international volunteering opportunities.

Inspira aims to offer services and programmes to help young people and adults build skills for life and employment.

For further info about the HE Fair, contact Inspira on 01539 730045.

For a full list of Universities and Colleges attending view the original article here.