Bear Grylls throws his weight behind National Citizen Service urging young people to sign up in Cumbria

Signing up for National Citizen Service is a no-brainer – new ambassador Bear Grylls said today, as the programme for 16 and 17 year-olds rolls out across Cumbria.

Inspira is running National Citizen Service in Cumbria  this summer, and will be offering places in the Autumn half term.

Hundreds of young people are embarking on the summer of a lifetime as they spend three weeks making a difference to their local community while developing crucial life skills.

Bear joins a band of backers of National Citizen Service, who include Alex Zane, Johnson Beharry VC, Ben Collins (aka The Stig), Danny Crates, Marlon Devonish MBE, Alex Gregory, DJ Mistajam, Melissa Suffield and Chris Hunter QGM.

Bear Gryll’s message was loud and clear as a call was made to all 16 and 17yearolds to get involved with a programme that has the ability to make a real change to people’s lives.

Bear Grylls said:  “Young people today deserve opportunities to develop the kind of skills that are about more than academics – such as teamwork, leadership, adventure, pride and responsibility. Young people don’t need to be wrapped in cotton wool – they need to be challenged in genuinely exciting ways.

“That’s where National Citizen Service comes in. This incredible programme reaches out to young people in all communities around the country and offers the chance to learn great life and outdoor skills. I urge young people to sign up to the 30,000 places available to take part in this brilliant scheme this year.”

Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd said:  “The young people I see doing National Citizen Service never fail to impress me. They have the drive and determination to make the most of their time for their own benefit and the benefit of those around them.

“In return, graduates of National Citizen Service get the skills, values and confidence that allow them move into adulthood with success and happiness. I’ve met NCS participants from all over the country and time and again I am struck by the very real and very positive impact they are making.

“I would say this to 16 and 17 year olds wondering what to do now the exams are over: get logged onto and sign yourself up to the life-changing experience that NCS offers. You won’t regret it.”

National Citizen Service gives young people the opportunity to gain valuable life experience and new skills, and make friends from all walks of life. Evidence from the first year suggests that the programme helps teenagers prepare themselves for their future.

Young people who take part get the chance to do outdoor activities, meet new people and put something back into their local community. It offers the chance to learn new skills and get experience that helps with CVs or college applications. It takes place over three weeks full time and then 30 hours are spent making the local community a better place.

National Citizen Service brings young people together from different backgrounds to work together, and teaches them what it means to be responsible and serve their communities.