Inspira delivers Jobtrain across Cumbria, Lancaster, Morecambe, Fleetwood and Blackpool.

Jobtrain is targeted at unemployed adults, and is aimed to give them the motivation, enthusiasm and confidence to enter into the workforce and find sustainable employment.

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Read about Richard’s experience on Jobtrain

Richard struggles with depression and low self esteem.  He is a qualified Chef with twenty five years experience in the catering industry. Last December Richard gained a position with a local employer. Initially he received positive feedback but things turned negative which led to the termination of his contract. Following this experience, Richard started to question himself and his ability to do anything.

Richard found Jobtrain very productive. The course helped him to open up and share his thoughts and feelings with the group. He was amazed at how understanding members of his group were. The course gave him somewhere to go to, a safe place to share his thoughts and to try new things. Richard started to recognise his skills and identify new ones. He found that other people recognised his abilities too which made him feel good about himself.

Richard has remained in touch with a number of people in the group, and they continue to give each other support while searching for a job. Richard’s new found confidence enabled him to approach a local employer to make a speculative job enquiry about a Chef position. He was given both an informal and formal interview and has now been offered a job to start in November.

Richard feels that before Jobtrain he wouldn’t have had the idea or the confidence to cold call a business. Now he possesses the self-belief to do so, and he has a clearer idea of where he’s heading and what he needs to do to achieve his goals rather than just thinking about it and letting that moment pass. Richard feels that Jobtrain brought him back from a very dark place and has given him a chance to value himself.