National Citizens Service (NCS)


NCS – Still the experience of a lifetime!

Recruiting young people to take part in our Summer programme and to hit our targets has been hard work at times. That said, our teams across Cumbria and Lancashire have risen to the challenge and will continue to drive the message out to both schools and young people that NCS is a fantastic opportunity and an experience not to be missed.

Over the last few months we’ve also been working to recruit over 100 temporary staff members to help us deliver our Summer NCS programme. We’ve run a number of assessment centres and we’re really excited about our Summer staff: we look forward to discovering how their individual qualities and attributes will help make this the Best Summer Ever for our young people.

A number of familiar faces will also be making a return as Summer staff this year, which just goes to show how much they enjoy what we do.

Over the past month we’ve also been working on a revised staff handbook, sorting out merchandise for all our participants, and booking additional rooms and venues for the delivery of Week 2. Additionally we’ve had to focus our attention on our safeguarding and health & safety policies and procedures in preparation for an audit by the NCS Trust later this year.

Emails are rolling out to parents to keep them updated about the practical aspects of the programme such as pickup times and packed lunches, and we continue to raise awareness and convert those last signups through digital marketing activities.

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