National Careers Service success in the South

Claire Willett, Area Manager for the South, talks about some of the different outcomes that happen when contracts are linked together to provide an outcome for clients.

Have you ever tried to find a job profile for a football club ‘Kit Man/Woman’?  The team in the South have been working with a Lancaster care leaver on the Youth Contract who was motivated after a trip to Manchester City Football Club. Rather than wanting to be footballer, the young man in question asked how he could become a ‘Kit Man’.  After checking websites including National Careers Service and reference books, we contacted Manchester City directly for the details about the role and the skills required.

The National Careers Service is keen to use the information to create a job profile for a Kit Person, while the young person is really pleased to hear that a new online profile will be created because of his enquiry – by fullfilling our role we have kept him engaged with us and the Youth Contract.


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