NCS review and #Sharethelove

AliA lakeside ddd

Over 800 young Cumbrians took part in NCS this Summer. Their achievements will be celebrated at Rheged on Saturday 10 October and already there is a social media buzz about reuniting with their team mates. Check out #NCSMemories on our social media channels to see the Graduates posting their favourite pictures of their teams.

The Twitter and Facebook campaign #ShareYourSummer proved popular and caused quite a stir when some of the hottest vloggers on YouTube appeared on the programme. Spreading the word once again about what the brand has to offer young people, we were lucky to meet You Tuber, Ali A! Ali A visited Lakeside with a film crew to shoot footage for next year’s recruitment films. Some of our NCSers from West Cumbria were captured on film too so we are looking forward to seeing if they make the final cut!

All Summer long our Facebook and Twitter accounts have seen a continuous stream of posts from young people providing images of their experiences on NCS. Numerous stories of great friendships have been shared with us and our Summer staff jumped on-board too – tweeting and posting updates on their teams’ activities.

Autumn recruitment is well underway; two teams have already completed their programme, and more go out in the coming weeks. To help recruitment now and leading into Summer, the Trust’s latest campaign is called #Sharethelove. The campaign is designed to encourage NCS Grads to recommend NCS to other young people, and by doing so they will win prizes and potentially tickets to see Tinie Tempah at NCS Live in March 2016! We will be talking about #Sharethelove at Graduation and through central emails, but it would be great if you are talking to young people who are NCS grads, that you mention this fantastic opportunity. More info can be found at the dedicated website –


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