Welcome April 2015

Mark Bowman

I hope everyone managed to take a break over the Easter period; I know how hard everyone is working at the moment.

I was recently describing the range of work that we now deliver for a range of commissioners in varied locations: NCS, Careers Advice for both local authorities and an increasing number of schools and academies, Youth Work for Cumbria County Council and a host of charitable funders – Independent Support, Youth Contract, Art Locates Me, Ready for Work… the list goes on. All of the work helping to deliver the highest quality Career Management and Personal Development programmes – a clear Company priority.

As we are all aware, contracts will change over time and we continue to work with Cumbria County Council to make sure there is a smooth transition when the Early Help work reverts to the Council in October. As soon as detail is available, I will make sure everyone knows about it.

I’m really pleased that in the past few weeks we have been successful with a bid to the Department of Work and Pensions to deliver their Jobtrain programmes in the Jobcentre Plus areas of Workington, Whitehaven, Barrow, Lancaster, Morecambe, Fleetwood and Blackpool. It’s a 12 month contract in the first instance and the first time we have been able to break into the DWP market. Well done to everyone involved in this.

Obviously, delivering all of our work, having a real impact on the people we are working with is the driver for us all and I’m pleased we are making some good (great in some cases!) progress towards our targets. The closer we get to those targets, means more people have benefited from your skills and expertise.


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